About Us


Thank you for your curiosity to learn a bit more about Illuminated Inspirations!

Each illumination is printed and cut right here in our studio and of course we want you to be truly delighted with every order. We welcome your comments, ideas, your stories on how these illuminations are touching your lives and any requests for custom illuminations.

A bit of history:

While living in China, I was so enamored by the traditional architectural paintings that I sought out a local painter who accepted my request to study under him for a few days. Inspired by these classes, I began making illuminated quotations with Chinese inspired designs and framing them as gifts and doing decorative painting in classrooms and private residences.

Seeing one of the early illuminations in a friend’s home months after giving it to them caused me such joy that I wanted so much to make and give more. However, the glass framed illuminations could easily take several days of work and are costly to ship. In the fall of 2005, time, resources and encouragement all came together to start making the illuminations available to more people by making prints of original works and designing a paper based framing system. I also started meeting people for whom I felt particular quotations would make them smile and feel supported so I also wanted to make an array of available illuminations. By the spring of 2006, Illuminated Inspirations as a home-based business in bloom. 

My dear parents, my mother Wanda and my late father Bill, invested a small chunk of money for equipment and offered up a great deal wisdom. They were invaluable accomplices throughout the creative process and business side. 

Among many encouraging friends, I would like to particularly extend sincere thanks to are Ramses Rashidi, Boris Mitov and out late family friend, Connie Driver, for their inspiring vision and ingenious help. Travels to Japan, Israel, Turkey and a love of global arts also greatly influenced the diversity of the illumination designs which I hope will enjoy and give to others!

May you have a special day every day!


Bridgette Kelling

Ps, To see my other work, please visit colorandgold.com and to see the beautiful cakes my mom used to make, please visit logcabincakes.com.